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Animation takes a lot to produce

RedRocks specializes in facilitating animation production and project development, making sure you spend your time and resources in the best way thanks to our experience and a network of artists we are used to work with.

Animation production is thrilling and magical, but it can be a bumpy ride. As great as an idea can be, there can be a lot of uncertainty of how to achieve it, and the execution can be a tricky process to even the most seasoned veterans. What techniques do we use? Will it go over budget? Can we afford specialized tools? How can we streamline the pipeline? How can we make sure we spend more time improving creative quality than fixing technical issues ?

As we know it’s all about planning, an efficient pipeline and rock-solid workflows.

There's a lot we can do with your ideas

Production Consulting

Production issues can spiral out of control and feel insurmountable. We can help you get your production on track by anticipating or solving issues that snowball down the production pipeline, structuring your departments and reworking a solid production plan.

Pipeline & Tools

At the beginning of times, there was the pipeline. We specialize in setting up efficient pipelines using the most used 3D softwares and tracking suites. We also build specialized tools that can help your team spend more time on creative problem solving and less on heavy-lifting technical tasks.

Art Development

We have 3D under our skins. Do you have a nice concept that you want to develop in 3D? Whether it's an look development, character sculpting or FX simulation, we can get this idea to the next step and develop a technical blueprint and production plan so that your project is ready to go into production.

Technical R&D

Every studio and creative have their pet peeves, when it comes to tools and workflows. Do you have a creative issue that's been bugging you for a long time and you've never had the time or resources to solve it? Let us handle it for you!

Our team

Production Manager

Thomas Sicre

It's all about fun with Excel sheets, workflow diagrams and deadlines. At least for him.

Thomas graduated from Neoma Business School in 2015 with a degree in Marketing and Cultural Project Management, following a degree in English literature from Université de Lorraine. He first discovered animation in 2013 working as production assistant on "Ooops ! Noah is Gone...", at Fabrique d'Images. After working for film festivals including Annecy, he came back to animation production, working as Production manager on several TV series and feature films (incl. "Bayala - A Magical Adventure"). Specializing in management, data analysis and tracking, he shares his working time between working as Production coordinator/manager and freelancing as production consultant.
Technical Director and FX Supervisor

Julien Silvestre

Your fireman when something doesn't work when it's supposed to. Oddly he's also amazed when something works and he doesn't understand why.

After he graduated in 2010 from ESTEI, Julien started to work in Angouleme based studio Antefilms on documentaries and feature films. After that, he continued to work in few other French studios before arriving in Luxembourg in 2013. Since then, he has been working on various short films, TV series and feature films as Technical Director, being responsible for setting up pipeline and tools. And when pipeline is done, Julien takes on his FX Supervisor cap and lead the team to create amazing FX simulations for several feature films.
CG Supervisor

Guillaume Vialaneix

He's the one transforming a nicely drawn design into an awesome character. Just don't let him play with a CG unicorn too long before he turns it into a war tank.

Guillaume started off as a CG generalist artist in Luxanimation studio in 2008. Along the way, he's been multi-tasking, working as a Production Manager for TV series "Percy's Tiger Tales" (2014) and Lead Modeling on "Ooops ! Noah is Gone..."(2015). After this, he's been working as CG Supervisor on several feature films, emphasizing on handling the character and environment departments, and anticipating production issues at early stages of preproduction.

Projects we worked on prior to RedRocks

We had the opportunities to work on many projects in our past experiences. On top of individual experiences, the team worked together as supervising staff in complex European coproductions (TV series and feature films) among which Ooops! Noah is gone… (2014), Luis and the Aliens (2018), Bayala – A Magical Adventure (2019) and Ooops! The Adventure continues (2020).

Where we come from

  • RedRocks was formed in mid-2018 in Luxembourg, in the region of Terres Rouges. After collaborating on several European 3D feature film and TV series co-productions, at key production positions, the company was created with the idea that a lot of problems in animation production could be solved with the help of an external team that gathers the three areas of expertise in animation: technical, artistic and production.
  • RedRocks aims to be an asset for animation companies who are about to start bigger projects but unfortunately lack the time and resources inhouse to anticipate future issues. We wanted to create a team capable of consulting through the development of a 3D concept and then delivering a production masterplan to these companies.
  • RedRocks has been developped with the mentoring and support of Animation Sans Frontières through modules at Gobelins (France), Filmakademie (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), The Animation Workshop (Denmark) and MOME (Hungary).

They support us

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